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Southern Yanks Smokehouse

Catering Menu

Pick up only. 24 hour notice please.  

(delivery will be coming soon)

Sliced Meats

Half Pan feeds 8-10 people


Carolina Chopped Pork$75.00

Backyard Ribs$52.00

minimum 2 racks

Yanks Cow Tip$90.00

Smoked Birds$55.00

Smokehouse Special sauce.

Homemade Sides

Half pan

Mac Cheese $40.00

Smoked Gouda with 3 other cheeses to make up this rich and creamy pasta favorite.

Cowboy Tater Salad$40.00

Red potatoes is a creamy southwest sauce. Topped with Smoked Baco, Smoked Gouda Cheese amnd Fire Roasted Greeen Chilies.

Yanks Beans$35.00

Pinto and Great Northern beans cooking in our house bbq sauce  and smoked pork.


Creamy style

Jalapeno and Cheese Corn Muffins$1.00

Mini sweet cornbread muffins with fresh jalapenos and chedder cheese.

Pork Rinds$13.00

Fresh  pork rinds tossed in our house rub. Full pans worth

House Salad$60.00

Our Fresh House Salad with fresh vegetables and cheese. (Serves 10)

Specialty Salad$90.00

If you are looking for something different with smoked or grilled meats and Veg. Ask for Bruno and he will make it happen.


By the Quart (you can get by half quart also for half the price)


our house sauce

Sweet Caroline$7.00

Name says it all

Old West$7.00

Chipoltle background, not to spicy but just right.

Far East Tour$7.00

asian inspired bbq sauce

Pitt Gold$7.00

Mustard sauce with brown sugar and other spices

Set Ups (depends on number of guest)

Wire racks, Sternos, Serving utensils,Cutlery and Paper Plates

Smokehouse Packages

1. 10-20 people

2. 20-30 people

3. 30-40 people

4. 40-60people.

1. 10-20 people$175.00

half tray of Pork

2 half trays of sides

1 quart of sauce

**Sub Brisket/Cow Tips $210

2. 20-30 people$300.00

half tray Pork

half tray of Cow Tip or Brisket

2 half tray of sides

1 quart of sauce

3. 30-40 people$550.00

half tray of pork

half tray of cow tip

half tray of chicken

2 half tray of sides

2 quarts of sauce

4. 40-60 people$800.00

half tray of pork

half tray of brisket

half tray cow tips

half trayt of chicken

3 half trays of sides

2 quarts of sauce

Custom your order

Rack of ribs $26

Jalapeno/Cheese Sausage $3 each

Potato Buns $6 pack of 8

Quart Sauce $8


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Southern Yanks Smokehouse

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